An Update

Hello there.

I am four weeks into my first college semester and let’s just say I am a train wreck. I can’t friggin’ sleep.

Summer was super busy. I was working two jobs (that’s going to make some fun posts) so there was no time for anything that didn’t relate to trying to earn money for college. Apologies for no posts though, I have no excuses. I was lazy. Despite everything around me being utter chaos as I try to navigate being a college student I got my old Wacom Bamboo tablet to work with my new laptop. Yay! It’s seriously awesome because now making graphics for the blog isn’t nearly as huge pain in the ass as it was with the mouse.

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People Who Need to Stop Coming to the Library

I’ve worked at a public library for the past two years and I love it. It’s the best job I have ever had. That’s not saying much though. The only other job I have worked is at McDonald’s. Library wins by a landslide.

I should totally do a post about my time at McDonald’s. 

I specifically work in the children’s room, though I occasionally help out in other departments as needed. My main job is doing all the bulletin boards and theme board artwork. It’s fun, I get to draw all day. Besides doing that, I also help patrons, shelve books, and read the shelves (the children’s room is the black hole of books so we constantly have to read the shelves to make sure books are in the right place). My least favorite part of the job is dealing with nasty patrons. Go figure, no one likes that. For your entertainment and as a PSA, I have compiled a list of the worst people who come to the library.

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