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Shitty Poems I Wrote When I was Young…

…er Than I am Now

Alrighty, sorry I missed yesterday’s Top Ten Tuesday, got busy there for a sec. Normally like to pre-write those and didn’t get a chance to. Who am I kidding? I was being lazy as hell. I’ll be doing a smash up (???) next week combining the two weeks. If that makes any sense

I was cleaning up my laptop (going through random, crappy files that I had stored in it for some reason) and found some poems I wrote my freshman year (I think) of highschool. That was three years ago, don’t think I have improved much, but hey, I’m not much of a poet. This was for a creative writing class that was half-assed together by the teacher. So these are my half-assed attempts at poetry.

So, enjoy these shitty poems:

“Crazy Town”

There once was a crazy town
Most of the buildings are a yellowish brown.
And every few days
Someone pays.
For living in the crazy town.

Now one knows where or why
It is the doing of the Sly.
Not a word, but a name.
The Sly play a very sick game.

Death is everyone’s fate when living in a crazy town
Where the buildings are a yellowish brown.
So, every few days
Someone must pay.
For living in the crazy town.

“The Owl”

The guardian stands wearing a bright cloak of feathers,
Eyes black as coal.
They judge,
Looking into your soul.

Only the good can pass,
For she guards the gate to Heaven.
She pays no attention to your sins,
Because she knows you are only human.

Even she, so perfect and wise
Has let an evil  soul pass by.
Don’t you worry when she screams,
For an angel’s voice can not be heard with mortal ears.


It has touched part of our Earth.
A decade,
Free of distortion.
The excitement turned into
Bottomless agony.
Three years later,

*Banging head on table. That was horrifying to read. I remember writing the first one and googling words that rhymed with each other. ‘cause it had to rhyme for some damn reason. I have no thoughts on the second one. That last though, damn. It was a blackout poem if I remember right… which are you know, these things: (on the right). I did not create the example, I found it on google. Which explains why it is better than my “Alien” one. I remember being so done that I just didn’t care if it made a lick of sense. I just spliced it together and called it “creative”.

Well. That’s all for today. I should make a series out of this: “Shitty Things I’ve Done”. Ha. That’d be fun.

DFTBA and feel free to add your two cents in the comments.



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