Review: Penryn & the End of Days Series

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Penryn & the End of Days (Angelfall, World After, End of Days)

Susan Ee

Young Adult/Fantasy/Paranormal>Angels

Penryn is trying to survive. Because after the angels came to destroy the modern world there are no rules. Streets are ruled by gangs and angels are hunting for humans. When her sister is kidnapped Penryn will do everything she can to find her even if it means working with the enemy. Everything could happen in this new dangerous world.

I’m gonna do something a little different for these three books. Instead of doing individual reviews, I’m gonna review them as a whole series. This is gonna be a crapshoot, as I have no idea what I am doing.

This is a pretty good series. Each book was great in its own way but also fit together really well. The first two in the series was a re-read, I read them probably a couple of years ago. In the last 1 or 2 weeks I reread them so I remembered what the heck was going on before I read the last. They weren’t as great as I remembered them being but they were still definitely enjoyable. I also think I reviewed Angelfall a ways back, but when I started over the blog I deleted it. *facepalm*

These books are about the angel/biblical apocalypse so I really don’t think it’ll appeal to everybody. When I read them a few years ago I was really into Supernatural and so the whole angel thing drew me in. The series follows a teenage girl by the name of Penryn Young, not huge into the name, and her trek through the apocalypse. The angels, who are the bad guys, are fierce warriors that wreak havoc on the human population. Penryn manages to get into the middle of all the angel politics when angels fly off with her sister, and she is forced to try to rescue her from their lair. Which they call the Aerie. Bonus points for name, thought that was clever. She joins forces with an enemy angel to rescue her sister and their adventure pretty much goes downhill from there. By the end of the series they are facing the downfall of what’s left of the human population. Which ain’t doin’ so good.

I’m not going to say much more on what the series is about because it’ll just spoil the endings for the first book or two.

Alrighty then, here’s what I liked:

The angels. Damn, the angels are awesome. I’m not much for the kind, gentle angels. In the bible they are warriors of God, that carry out his will. Which is a lot of the time vengeance. These guys fit that description. They are much more like the Supernatural angels, which if you all were paying attention is what originally drew me to the series.

I really liked rescue plot of the first book. I could tell that Penryn loved her sister and felt a responsibility for her. So when she (the sister) was taken, Penryn was going to walk to the ends of the earth to find her. The relationship between them was well thought out.

The relationship between Penryn and her mom was also something I really liked. I liked watching it develop as the series continued. Without giving much away, Penryn’s mom is… aww… little different. She’s pretty much a schizophrenic, but it proves to be kinda handy in the apocalypse. I’m not sure how close to actual schizophrenia Ee got, but the mother was probably a favorite character in a weird and twisted sorta way.

There were other creatures besides the angels. They were all great. Ee did an awesome job detailing and describing them. I could just picture their creepiness and otherworldliness perfectly. The last book specifically had some awesomely gruesome creates.

The ending. It was mostly a pretty bad-ass ending to a series. That’s all I can say.

Here’s what I didn’t like:

I’m a sucker for a good romance subplot, but not as much in a high stakes apocalypse novel. I find that the heroine constantly thinking about the love interest in a novel like this one annoying. That’s where I think this series falls short, not by a lot but some. I would’ve liked to see Penryn worried more about her sister and mother and the rest of the humans than the love interest. It was also very easy to tell who the love interest was as soon as he was introduced to the story. I would’ve liked to see the relationship grow more before he was the love interest. I’m not saying that life or death situations won’t drive us to do strange things but I think some more caution would have been involved. Penryn’s constant reference to the love interest’s body as “Adonis-like” really got on my nerves. I get it, he’s hot. Enough already! Most girls also like guys with personality. And when I say personality, I mean not a self-loathing, douche-bag. I think you get my point, I’m gonna stop now…

This pertains to the last book. I really struggle when a bunch of adults let a teenager lead the “Resistance” or whatever. It just ain’t gonna happen. I understood the Hunger Games, as Katniss wasn’t the leader, but more of a symbol, which is different. Penryn was the leader, and she became the leader with minimal argument. I think that’s getting a little nit-pickity on my part but it was something that made me go “no”.

I had minimal problems with this series, and despite my complaints on the romance and the love interest he’s still a pretty great character. Don’t let that get in the way of enjoying this series.

If you’re interested or into the paranormalish/supernaturalish type book, this is a series I would recommend.

DFTBA and feel free to add your two cents in the comments.

4 Stars


2 thoughts on “Review: Penryn & the End of Days Series”

  1. What about Pooky Bear?? Or Dee-Dum? Those characters are just pure awesome! It is a bit (okay ALOT) weird to get a teen to lead the last line of humanity… And the mum is just so badass in the first or second book (saving Penryn and all)!

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